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Now your creativity can keep up
with your imagination.

Abekas® Dveous®/MX, is a Universal Format Digital Video Effects system that provides broadcast professionals the capability of working in either Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) all in one machine.

Dveous/MX provides the same robust feature set and the same control panel as its predecessor, the industry-standard Dveous – only now, operators have the luxury of working in either SD or HD, all from within the same chassis! No extra pieces of hardware – just a simple setting change and you are on your way to creating cool, real-time video effects in either format.

Dveous/MX is targeted toward the discriminating broadcast professional, demanding the best picture quality for diverse applications such as: news, sports, special presentations, rock concerts, post-production and so much more.

Product Highlights

The Digital Effects System
of Choice for Live Production

  • HD / SD Video Formats
  • 10-Bit Digital Video Processing
  • UltraWarp™ Warp Effects
  • SurfaceFX™ Texturing System
  • SuperShadow™ Shadowing System 
  • TimeFrame™ Effects Editor
  • reTouch™ Color Corrector
  • Supermatte™ Matte Generator
  • SpiralFX™ Matte Manipulator
  • OrbitalFX™ Spin Transform Engine
  • Wide Range Defocus
  • Solid Builder